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Empowering Ports with 360° Vision

LLenX provides industrial ports with unprecedented insight and operational efficiency, thanks to a 360° vision that transcends traditional standards. By integrating in-depth analysis and advanced technologies, LLenX redefines port management, transforming every challenge into an opportunity for optimal performance and safety.

Precision & Insight in Industrial Mobility

LLenX raises the standards for mobile machinery in the industry by fusing extreme precision, environmental perception and advanced spatial modeling. This alchemy transforms every movement into optimized action, paving the way for revolutionary management and operational efficiency, while ensuring uncompromising safety and performance.

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Immersive Tracking Transforms Mineral Logistics !

On August 1, 2022, a mineral port inaugurated a major technological breakthrough with the introduction of a real-time immersive tracking solution for hooks and their condition. This innovation facilitates direct interaction between operators and 3D objects, optimizing positioning, increasing asset utilization time and improving placement on the unloading dock. The implementation of this solution has significantly improved operational understanding, and continues to demonstrate its lasting value and effectiveness.

Raw material handling revolutionized by precise positioning

A major breakthrough in raw materials handling has been achieved with the introduction of a high-precision positioning solution over large operational areas. This innovation is based on the integration of an RTK system and LIDAR data analysis, considerably improving operational efficiency and maintenance, and reducing the risk of incidents.The application of this technology enables optimized management and increased safety of equipment, by reducing collisions and providing a detailed understanding of the terrain through point cloud analysis. This breakthrough marks a significant advance in the safe and efficient management of industrial operations.

Innovation in Lifting: Development of an Intelligent Solution

A revolutionary intelligent lifting solution is currently under development, promising to reinvent industrial operations.
This advanced system aims to improve safety and efficiency by automatically adjusting lifting parameters according to conditions and requirements. With immense potential for reducing risk and optimizing productivity, this innovation marks a turning point in lifting practices.